The cost-effective GPS tracker
for your car

  • GPS live tracking in 150 countries worldwide
  • App for iPhone and Android
  • No installation - just plug in and drive
  • Online vehicle folder for all important documents
  • Also suitable for tracking entire fleets
  • SIM & data volume for one year only $70.00

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Over 15,000 vehicles already use autoaid. Now you can also benefit from the advantages:

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Cutting-edge technology

The latest autoaid GPS tracker for your car impresses with even more accurate tracking and the smallest form factor. For more security and protection against theft, it combines the latest technologies with our most popular functions in one device. Thanks to an unlimited range, you can locate your car anywhere in the world, control its use at any time and react immediately in case of theft.

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Even more protection and security

With the autoaid GPS tracker you effectively secure your car against total loss in case of theft. Every year, thousands of cars, most of them higly valuable, are stolen in Germany and on trips abroad despite immobilizers and they remain untraceable forever. With our proven autoaid GPS tracker, you can immediately access the current location of your car worldwide in the event of theft and track the stolen car in live tracking on the autoaid app. Inform the police about the current location and enable a quick recovery and return of your car.

Live tracking
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Vehicle status
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Vehicle folder
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All vehicle movements always in view

Keep an eye on how and when your car is being used at all times. You can see the current position of your vehicle reliably and precisely in real time on the map in the autoaid app. Respond immediately to unauthorized use, unnecessary journeys or theft. This reduces your vehicle costs and increases the safety of your fleet.

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Ready to go, no installation costs

The autoaid GPS tracker is simply plugged into the OBD2 interface of your car and is ready to go without any technical expertise. This saves you the high workshop costs of a permanent installation and you do not have to make any changes to your vehicle. You are also protected against possible manipulation attempts: The hardware sends an alarm to the app when it is removed.

Would you like a hidden placement of the GPS tracker for even more protection in the event of theft? Then we can offer you the corresponding adapter cables for a hidden installation on request.

Safe and worry-free

With autoaid, you are on the safe side when it comes to protecting your vehicles. Whether you want to keep an eye on your private journeys or increase the efficiency of your company fleet - our GPS tracker offers you security and easy usability. Rely on autoaid to protect your vehicles and make your trips worry-free.

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At what distance does the GPS tracker for cars work?

The tracker works over any distance and has an unlimited range. You can track your car even from the other side of the world - and in more than 100 countries.

How does the autoaid GPS tracker work?

The tracker is simply plugged in and automatically searches for the best available cellular network to transmit your car's location anywhere. For all cars and light commercial vehicles approx. from year of manufacture 2000.

Can I also use the autoaid GPS tracker for my company fleet?

Yes, simply buy several autoaid GPS trackers and equip all your vehicles with them to keep an eye on the fleet in a unified app. If needed, you can always upgrade to our full fleet management autoaid ADVANCED with even more features and vehicle data.

What do I have to do to continue using the GPS Tracker after the first year?

For uninterrupted use of the autoaid GPS tracker, the SIM card is automatically extended for a further year at the end of a contract period - at the same price of just € 60 plus VAT per year. You can cancel the SIM card with a cancellation of 3 months prior to the end of a respective term. There are no other subscription fees or hidden costs.

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only $55.00
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Shipping with DHL
in 1-2 working days
30 days
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