Connected Car Data [ccd] becomes easily accessible with our open platform

  • Basis for the development of your apps and services
  • Use deep diagnostic data without expert knowledge
  • Supports more than 30 car brands
  • Highly cost-efficient

Now everyone benefits from the advantages of the Connected Car!

Most of the seminal business models in the automotive sector are built upon car data. However, this data is often expensive, available only in different file formats, or not obtainable at all. The ccd platform autoaid solves this challenge.

How it works:

ccd Dongle

A small-sized dongle, which is plugged into the car, reads out car data independent from manufacturer and transmits it to the hub.

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ccd Hub

The car data is processed in the hub and securely made available to the driver as well as to authorized providers for their services and products.

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ccd Netzwerk

A dedicated affiliate marketplace is being developed for easy access and sharing of up-to-date connected car data.

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Turn new and used cars into Connected Cars

The ccd Dongle fits into nearly every vehicle thanks to the standardized OBD-2 connection. Drivers benefit from enhanced vehicle security and access to their individual data, as well as from new services and products – developed by a wide range of providers.

The Connected Car Platform combines deep diagnosis with the mobility of a dongle and an attractive data sharing concept.