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autoaid offers fault code diagnosis in all ECUs, like the ABS-, Airbag- or aircon-ECU. Even service-resets are possible. Cheap OBD2-Scanner mostly read only emission-relevant data from the OBD-ECU.
autoaid developed all its hardware and software on its own since foundation. Our products are smaller an cheaper due to the fact that we are sending all relevant data over the cloud. We can therefore offer similar diagnostic depth for a much cheaper price.
autoaid supports alle vehicles equipped with a standardized 16-pole OBD2-Port (gasoline from 2000 and later, diesel from 2003 and later).
To get an overview over all ECUs please refer to shop.myautoaid.com and click on any brand you like to know more about.
Unfortunately these functions are not ready yet. If you like to stay informed on this matter we would advise you to subscribe to our newsletter.
Our EXPERT customers benefit from a technical phone support hotline (for german speaking users via 0049 30 220 661 480. For english speaking users via 0044 20 36 3714 20). Every customer can contact us as well via email (info@autoaid.de) or use our solution finder: https://community.myautoaid.com/solution-finder/
We recommend DSL starting from 6000kb/s, though a modem stick with UMTS or a mobile data connection with LTE or 3G works as well. One diagnosis uses around 2-3MB (Megabyte) of data.
Our diagnostic Windows-Software requires an arbitrary device running Windows 10 or newer and at least 1GB of RAM. An USB-Port is requiered for our wired products. You will need a permanent internet connection.
autoaid offers its Windows-software only via Online-Download. You can download the software at any time in your autoaid profile or via the following link: http://download.autoaid.de