From car dealer to full-service-partner

The connected car for automobile dealers and garages

Three steps to success:

Become an autoaid partner

and order our OBDII dongles

Supply the dongles

to your customers or plug them into the car directly

Keep track of all cars

– and be informed when it matters

The connected car

will change car services forever.

Take the opportunity now

and connect to your customers today.

Advantages for the driver

  • Considerably improved vehicle safety
  • Short waiting times for maintenance and repairs
  • Automatic eCall in case of an accident
  • Parking lot finder
  • and many more

The connected car for automobile dealers and garages


Keep track of the condition of your customers' cars and obtain data about necessary repairs.

Sales increase

Telematics are generating LEADs. For example, you can create data sheets for cars with low oil levels or pending service checks.

Cost reduction

Improve the capacity utilization of your garage services by early scheduling of customer appointments.

Efficient repairs

Telematics provide data for your repair services, e.g. data about time and frequency of an error.

Customer ties

Your customers will value your new service offerings – and that you only contact them for specific and meaningful purposes.

Try now – without obligations – how autoaid will enhance your business!

„We are a partner

for the car dealers of tomorrow:

Always know about the condition of your customers' cars and offer your help for repairs and pending services. autoaid provides modern tools for achieving customer loyalty and automatic lead generation.“

Moritz Funk

CEO autoaid GmbH