Pioneer in cloud based automotive and remote diagnoses

Since 2008 autoaid develops diagnostic systems. We distinguish ourselfes not only through an excellent price-performance ratio but by our technological lead over the competition. With the help of machine learning algorithms the autoaid cloud calculates the most likely solution in real time to thousands of problem cases. Customers benefit from shorter repair times, continuously updated data and an excellent diagnostic depth. With the new "car connector" autoaid transfers its deep knowledge of the workshop diagnostics to the Connected Car.

Moritz Funk
Founder and CEO

Holger Arndt

Michael Blersch
Technical Team Leader

Our claim

autoaid is based on the idea of making vehicle diagnosis not only simple and modern but also affordable - with the same performance. With our hardware and software solutions we developed the products we have always missed: easy to use, maximum diagnostic depth and fair in price. Our aim is to offer our customers the best solution in every situation. Functional, honest and sustainable. We call it: "Vehicle diagnostics with solution"

Our performance

Every day we are perfecting our diagnostic hardware, software and web interface to offer our customers one of the most advanced and comprehensive diagnostic systems in the world today. Since we strive to offer "vehicle diagnostics with solution" we do not stop with just diagnosis. We are complementing our portfolio with solutions, repair manuals with attached parts recommendation, direct contact with experts and automotive masters and an active community in which vehicle enthusiasts worldwide exchange information.


Our software covers more than 30 brands since 2016. As we developed nearly everything ourselfes we gathered millions of datasets over the years to help us ensure that we can offer everyone a fitting solution.

The autoaid car connector with diagnostic app for all motorists. Perfect to keep track of your vehicle. Early fault detection, fuel saving optimization and anti-theft protection are included as standard equipment.

Our tool for deep diagnoses at an entry level price. A product for the ambitious tinkerer: Perfect for every car brand for scanning ECUs and service resets.

Professional diagnosis specifically for one or a small set brands. Car enthusiasts can now get full access. For one brand of choice autoaid PRO enables access to every sensor, actuator and special function.

For garages and multi-brand users. All brands, all features, endless possibilities.


Since 2013 our hardware serves as a standard diagnostic solution in garages around the world. From customers in Germany, the UK, Norway, Poland, Greece, the USA and Canada to South Africa we are proud to offer solutions for many purposes. Even for personal use our products meet the standards of both private users as well as specialized enthusiasts.

TELEMATIC: Get immediate access to your vehicle data on every device to get a comprehensive and and in-depth look regarding component-health.

Wired diagnostic tool: Our well-known tool with USB port an associated windows software. As every function is provided by our cloud service to the local software, our customers can switch between the STARTER, PRO and EXPERT package at any time. Adapt perfectly to every situation.

Wireless diagnostic tool: The diagnostic tool of the future. Get connected wirelessly to any device with an Internet browser be it mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop. Multiple users can access one vehicle at the same time regardless of the operating system.