NEW: Smart Wallbox

Smart, safe and beautiful: The wallbox for your e-car

The new autoaid wallboxes charge your electric car quickly with up to 11 kW and are particularly safe with the integrated leakage current sensor. The optional app allows you to conveniently control the charging amount and the charging power via your smartphone. In addition, the modern, elegant design makes our wallboxes a real eye-catcher for your home.

Fast, safe charging with up to 11 kW
For all vehicles with a type 2 connector
Incl. charging cable 4 m, optionally 7 m
Compact design & easy handling

Charge up to 5x faster

With our wall boxes, you can charge your electric car up to 5 times faster than with a normal household socket. Within a few hours you will have the maximum range of your car again. This way, you benefit from a comfortable and smooth everyday life with your e-vehicle without restrictions.

Intelligent and future-proof

The autoaid Intelligent Wallbox 11 kW can be operated easily and conveniently via a smartphone app (iOS and Android) and enables you to control the charging power and the charging time. For example, you can ensure that your car only charges at night in order to benefit from lower electricity prices. Regulating the amount of charging allows you to charge the battery particularly gently. In addition, the Intelligent Wallbox is equipped with an RS485 interface and WiFi, which enables simple software updates and ensures being future-proof.

Safety with built-in leakage current sensor

autoaid wallboxes offer you the highest level of security. All of our charging stations have an integrated DC leakage current sensor. Further safety features of our wallboxes are overcurrent protection, earth fault protection, over and under voltage protection, over and under frequency protection as well as over and under temperature protection.

Easy handling and installation

All of our wall boxes are plug & play. Simply insert the plug of the integrated charging cable into the charging socket of your car and the charging process starts automatically. As soon as the car is being charged, a green LED informs you about the operating status. For installation you only need the inexpensive type A FI switch for the external fuse protection, we recommend 30 mA. You can coordinate additional individual pre-fuses with your electrician.

Small, elegant and very robust

Our wallbox series features one of the smallest designs on the market and is an eye-catcher in your driveway with its modern, elegant design. The wallbox is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The standard 4 meter cable can easily be wrapped around the housing and the plug can be stored in the integrated holder.

Get a 900 € grant from KfW now

Our Intelligent Wallbox 11 kW is on the list of eligible wallboxes from KfW. This means that a grant of 900 € per charging point applies for the purchase and installation in non-public areas of existing residential buildings. Here you can find more on the KfW 440 program.


Plug & Play with 11 kW

  • 11 kW charging power
  • DC leakage current protection
  • Type 2 charging cable integrated (4 meters, optionally 7 meters)
  • Usage control via RFID chip
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Intelligent Wallbox

Intelligent with 11 kW

  • 11 kW charging power
  • DC leakage current protection
  • Type 2 charging cable integrated (4 meters, optionally 7 meters)
  • Usage control via RFID chip
  • W-LAN connection
  • Control via app
  • KfW promoted
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